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    The Harley-Davidson Risk-taker

    What do skydiving, cliff-jumping, surfing, skateboarding tricks and bungee jumping have to do with motorcycles? Nothing and everything. JFK was once quoted saying, “There are risks and costs to action, but they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” Here at A.D. Farrow we tend to see a theme amongst our customers: they’re really living. They step out of their comfort zones to chase dreams. They choose action over comfortable inaction in order to become who they are meant to be.     Harley’s are built for those who know that life is too short not to truly live it. Harley’s are built for the Risk-taker.…

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    Harley News

    The REAL Story: How Harley Is Dealing With The EU Tariffs

    A Message From Matt Levatich, CEO of Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson has been an iconic brand since 1903, and we are proud to be a company that unites people passionately and authentically under the ideals of freedom, strength and independence. We are a brand that is about big ideas that unite people, and we don’t take sides in politics. Today, however, we unfortunately find ourselves in the center of a heated political conversation about fair trade. It is not our intention or our desire to be in this political spotlight, and the entirety of our effort and focus is to minimize any impact on this great brand, company, the business of our…

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    Top Motorcycle Routes in North America

    If you’re a rider – you already know that it’s worth riding to (or shipping your bike to) certain routes. That feeling of pure freedom and opportunity is what draws many of us to these places.  Heightened awareness and adrenaline course through your veins as you turn new corners and see views most people only get to see in photographs.  We’ve put together a list of the top routes to ride in North America.  You’ve probably heard of some but hopefully we can introduce you to some new ones.   A.D. Farrow Co.’s Top Motorcycle Routes in North America

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    The Wave

    We’ve all seen the wave. It happens a little differently each time. It may look like an upside down peace sign. It may be a full-fledged wave. It may just be a quick head nod, but the biker wave has become a widely accepted, and widely expected, form of greeting from one biker to another.   A lot of our clients (for obviously reason) call it the Harley wave, but the camaraderie and shared love of riding is what fuels the intent behind the wave. At it’s very core, the biker wave is meant to be a sign of mutual respect.